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Several issues with ea-servers in germany / whole sunday

by BabaFearlezz

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Several issues with ea-servers in germany / whole sunday

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its really really annoying to pay 100€ for Fifa20 + additional € for fifa points for EA servers being down the whole sunday. 1 day of 2 i can play every week. Now i only reached silver 2 and didnt qualify for the next weekend league. I have to play so many games during the week just for qualify. Its not possible for me. Last year we got a weekend league extension for ea-servers being down. But bc it only was in germany, we get nothing. I asked on reddit if people had the same issues and yes im not alone.


Its just not fair to see people reaching gold 1 / elite and they dont have any connection problems. And we are just sitting here and cant connect to the game a whole day.


Edit: Every other online game works perfect.

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