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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

by BluOrion

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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So here is the problem I am having, I cannot log in to the main website at but yet I am logged on to write in the forums. On the main website, it says "sign in" I click it and it just refreshes the screen. Now when I come to the forums and sign out and return to the main page it actually allows me to sign on but then I cannot click my profile because it continues to say sign in... Frustrating... but anyways I am trying to play the Demo and it just says that I am not a VIP owner which I am because maybe 30 minutes ago I was able to get the screen where I can select pilot voice but it crashed. Not sure if anyone is having this problem. 

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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You know what Dabo, some people took the day off from their job to play the demo with family and friends.  We planned accordingly for the timeframe that EA provided, so a little disappointment is granted.


I'm glad to hear that someone (you in this case), has time to stuff Cheetos into bon bons, dip them into ranch sauce, stuff them into their mouth, and scream up from the basement to mommy for a second plate full.  You obviously have time to spare, some of us don't.


Those that are complaining, paid money for a promised service.  The fact that EA overloaded their servers by handing out "free passes" is enough of a reason for people to be upset.  If you want to calm down your fellow forum users, don't be a Jackwagon and tell people they sound like they are "entitled".  There is a huge difference between entitlement and a transaction.  This is a transaction.  We paid for a service that the seller is not delivering on, therefore, people are pissed.

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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Still down in TX, this after I tried to convince myself to NEVER "Pre-order" ever again. totally a scam we DESERVE to be victims of for continuing to let them run the excuses. Remember when they couldn't take back what they released and shipped in the game box? If the game wasn't programmed correctly, it didn't ship, studio just swallowed the proverbial bullet and on to the next project...looking at you Turok, Banjo Kazooie! No way to update a cartridge! Those developers had their sh@t together, not using the crutch of uploadable fix ease and the internet to justify crap products and false promises and hype. I'm sure the game will be fun and great, but I have little faith that the fun and great are going to greet us at boot up on launch day. Pretty upsetting, but par for the course...because we let it happen!

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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Well, $20 extra buck down the drain, I should have known better and just got the regular version instead,When do start talking get our money back!

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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so i talked to a rep, apparently they are aware of all the issues but the only thing they told me i could do was to keep restarting the game until it loaded and when i told them i got a message saying my account was restricted from online features they ended the chat

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Re: Servers Reached Max Capacity?

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Seems as if they still are not making up for the increase in the amount of players which I'm sure has skyrocketed since the most Rey sale for the game bundle... Always sad to just want to play the new game you have bought. after so much anticipation, and preplaying the game as a demo and thoroughly enjoying the game at its lowest point. Personally as a regular Xbox play of over ten years I'm almost at the point of requesting a refund for the game that I actually enjoy. If it keeps up like this I don't see a future for anthem...

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