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Servers Down Wednesday, Lost TOTS card opportunity

by DBpointshark10

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Servers Down Wednesday, Lost TOTS card opportunity

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I have been told by customer service to reach out to this forum. 


On Wednesday night I went to play ultimate team and the servers were down. I needed two more games to acquire the TOTS Declan Rice card. I was unable to do so because the servers were down for over 4 hours. the next time I went to play the weekly objectives had changed and I lost my chance to get this TOTS card. It was made clear that customer service could not help me acquire the Declan Rice TOTS card. I told them that is fine, and that if they could give me the opportunity to get another TOTS card instead. They told me they could not and I should ask here. 


I have been a paying customer of FIFA for years. I preordered 19 back in August and have been playing all year. I have spent a lot of money in FIFA points throughout this past year. As a loyal and paying customer, my customer service experience was awful. My conversations kept going in circles, and I was even told on Friday that if they do not resolve my issue to contact them again. I did so today, and had the same conversation as I did before, almost verbatim. 


I am just wondering why FIFA is so hesitant to compensate loyal paying customers when their servers continue to crash and affect our ability to play Ultimate Team? I am extremely frustrated and disappointed. 

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