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Re: Server support for South African

by PHildoRz

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Servers for south africa

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Please bring a Apex legends server to South Africa. We having to compete with players with 20 Ping and below when we siting on between 170 - 200 ping if we lucky. Is this such a difficult thing to do for us? Please help!! 

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Apex Legends Server Location for Africa

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I understand you get a lot of these requests on a daily basis, so you need to answer threads with standardised answers.

However currently Africa does not have dedicated server locations and our current nearest servers are EU based with varies between 160 - 180+ms (South Africa based tests).


This request is not for a user in Europe that would like better ping because there is no server in his country. 

This is affecting a whole continent with over 54 countries.


So my ask is what the official process to get this looked at so we can get a researched response from your team like below?


There is no hardware infrastructure capable of hosting an Apex server location within Africa currently etc


There is no current plans to extend to Africa-wide servers.


Please do not reply with the same copy paste response given in other forum threads. Just give us a reason so we can stop asking these questions in your forum.

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Getting kicked even though I didnt leave the game

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Ever since the start of season 6,servers have just been kicking me out because of how bad they are and even after begging EA over and over for servers for my country (South africa) they still didnt give us any servers. Beside that,whenever I'm playing ranked and the server disconnects me,I wait for it to reconnect me,but it takes super long or it doesnt reconnect me at all. Therefore I get a abandon penalty which I find unfair. My friends have been experiencing this too,they get disconnected mid game due to some server issues,the game doesnt reconnect them to a game as it should,and gives them an abandon penalty even though they didnt leave the game...

Apex devs somehow tried to make reconnecting faster but instead made it worse because I dont reconnect at all. Please just make south african servers so I get less of this,the game is really not fun playing on 200ms . Belgium itself has 3 servers yet Africa as a continent doesn't even have 1,why is this??!! If you guys see this,please fix the problems of your game,season 6 is already taking a downfall in my opinion,and this server issue is making it worse


(CM: Corrected thread title to match contents of opening post and dispel confusion with a more accurate title)

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Apex Legends high ping im ZA

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I have been playing Apex for wel over a year now on my PS4 (Even though I had to start over with new acounts about 3 times now for varies resoena such as data being corrupted).


So far ive been able to to handle the high ping rate but with alot of frustraion (+- 250 but more on the plus side).

But when im trying to grind rank its imposseible to get higher than plat. Note I live in South Africa therefore the ping is so high.

Ive seem varies reqeusts to start up a ZA server but it has been denied over and over.


So in a last hoora im pleading you, on behalf of all my South african brothers, Please oh please help us out. As far as I understand your deneing these reqeusts becuase of the low player base this side, witch in my opion (I know im not a data analyst) are because of this high ping.


My hopes are set low for you too even look at this topic, but Ive been told its beter to have tried then to have never tried at all.


P.S. The new season (7) is amazing and Ive loved playing it so far.Im excited to see what else you guys have in store for us! Keep up the great work!




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apex please servers

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apex please south africa needs servers we would like to tell you guys that with sbmm and 200ping dont make sense for us to play your game anymore and no reply so i would like to stop playing apex and all of my friends and group that we have because why spend time and money to be in sweaty lobbies with 200 ping how do you calculate that is it fair if so then have a good time then 

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Re: apex please servers

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@bakkavdmes87 even if you do get a server I highly doubt it'll be a good one cause EA be damned if they ever decide to give good service.
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Re: apex please servers

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dude imagine how many money south africa has spend in titanfall 1 and 2  and apex for no reply this is  bad  we should start a group and try to move away from games like this sbmm are very bad this season so we had enough watch after this season no one will come back bahrain servers are taking too long why sbmm thats why searching for sweaty lobbies


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Re: Server support for South African

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I'm trying to at least have one of the Bahrain servers shut down in order to get some games going on there while we wait for SA servers?


Check out my thread here, please:

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South Africans Begging for Apex Legends Data centres

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I am one of the many thousands of Apex Legends players in South Africa. I have also had experience playing Titanfall:2 and what an amazing game it was and still is. 

I have enjoyed playing the games that you have created and appreciate them so much. But just one thing still succeeds to be a problem:




Because of the lack of South African data centres or any African data centres, it is easy to say that the in-game experience of many of the African players is somewhat ruined compared to the people that are actually able to play with good and stable connections. We have been starved of the necessity that makes us want to play Apex Legends and keep playing Apex Legends. 


If i am not mistaken, this topic was brought up around November 2019; round about Season 3 of Apex Legends. And needless to say this is still an ongoing topic and we are in 2021 already, heading to the new Season 8 of Apex Legends! I wouldn't be too agitated if Apex was still new and the team didn't have any idea as to how many people would actually love this game, but it's been two years now and still nothing has been done? It makes it seem that Africa is not important enough as its all the eastern and western countries that are being focused on, with multiple centres in one country or area. That seems a bit unfair...


This is just a cry for help from me and some other players and we're hoping that you'll at least consider doing so many people a favour to help us enjoy your game to the fullest and invest more into it. 


Yours faithfully


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