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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

by HollyDude

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Server shutdown during stronghold

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★★★★★ Novice

As is not enough that we cannot do more than 1-2h freeplay due to server shutdown that now is not anymore announced, the server is shutting down during strongholds too...


I have not found any information how this works and I did not find any logical process to justify such poor implementation or reasoning.


Besides, at least to have the respect for the player and initiate expedition end instead to load to Tarsis...


Disappointment again....


You just made interceptor viable with chain combos... and now is reverted to pretty useless...


The day were we will have a patch that will not mess something else I will drink until I’ll pass out...

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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

★★★★★ Novice

Despite all issues the game has, thanks to engaging combat system  and 3D freedom, I want to play it.


But I cannot due to sudden server shutdown . I averaged a session is between 10 to 39 min. I done 5 strongholds to finish the daily for 2. 3 war with server shutdown. I wonder what logic drives the servers. I got the point to optimize the load but is that more important than player community?


- How server schedule works?

- When a shutdown is initiated?

- How comes new stronghold rooms are created while no time to complete it until server is shutdown?

- Why allowing joining a freeplay with less than 2h before a server shutdown?


Min my simple view, these are basic things tgat needs to be considered... 


Bonus question: are EA or BioWare servers? I men, who control this shutdown process, as it seams it has no understanding how game servers should work... Sorry!


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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

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I am having similar issues with server shut downs.


I have had missions in free play where I am about to finish a world event and the server shuts down!


this is happening every night around 9:30 pm!


to make things worse IF I can log back in; which sometimes I can’t do either; I am not taken back to the event and start back from start point for that area.


Since the game does not place markers on the map where you have been, or where world events are, and I had to fly around aimlessly to find the event; 

I can not finish the event nor get the loot chest if I have completed the event; the server shut down last as I was walking toward the loot chest, so I do not get credit for the event to complete the legend of valor achievement.


I am not sure how much longer I can keep playing this game😟


a disappointed customer.


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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

Community Manager

Hey @HollyDude 


Just checking if you're still experiencing the server shutdown situation that often while playing after our latest server maintenance yesterday?



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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

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Hi @EA_Ataashi!

Thank you for your question.

Yesterday I played for while to do all dailies. I had two unannounced server has shutdown messages while in freeplay. So, for freeplay so far no change in my view. Normally every other freeplay session I get a server shutdown. While only in 1 in 5 or so I also get the message that the server will shutdown. This certainly started after 1.1.0 was deployed. Sorry for not having a better news.

None so far in strongholds or contracts. I play every day still, and I’ll let you know.

I also had a Pilot data error while loading a contract, but I guess this is another story.
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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

Community Manager

Thanks for coming back so quickly with the answer @HollyDude Standard smile


I'll try to collect more reports like that and update developers about the situation.



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Re: Server shutdown during stronghold

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So I have never had the sever shutdown on me until last night.

I was roaming around freeplay and ran into an ancient ash titan, haven't seen one in freeplay for over a month. So I take 2 shots and the server shutdown happens without a warning and throws me back to the start screen. So I load back into the game hop back into freeplay and  get the 2 hour warning as soon as I land, after getting the 20 min warning I didn't stick around to try and start something and get booted half way through.BTW I got warnings at 20 min intervals.


Just thought since you are looking for reports I would put mine here


Also wanted to say that I really like the game and I appreciate the determination the people working on it have to make this game what it can be.  





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