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Re: Server in Turkey

by kucukkaraca

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Server in Turkey

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Dear EA,


I believe I speak on behalf of everyone in Turkey when I say “we really need a server”. I play week in and week out on Fifa and have played this game since 2015 but unfortunately this will be my last year on this game as I cannot continue under these standards. I feel bad for all the money I have spent on this game and have been completely unrewarded. I think it is not fair that I have never even seen a 5 bar ping and that my average ping is 52ms when my opponent is playing on average 12ms. Also it takes me ages to find an opponent with a ping less than 50ms which usually ends up being max 42ms. Does this sound fair to you? Would you play in these under these conditions?
Until EA sets up a server in Turkey I am sorry to say that I refuse to spend a single more second waisting my time and money. Have a splendid day.

Best regards,


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Re: Server in Turkey

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@kucukkaraca Mee too.
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Re: Server in Turkey

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I have no idea why this post has got attention nearly 5 moths after positing it but I can tell you I didn't buy the new game and my life changed for the better. Advice: It's not game worth your time. I kept to my guns and waiting for EA's servers Standard smile

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