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Serious lag on online play

by kim_s_v17

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Serious lag on online play

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I have been trying to play all three online game modes (fut champs, div rivals and online single match) since friday evening but in every game the connection is terrible, When i enter fut champs or div rivals i get 4 or 5 bars as i want to enter the game but when the gameplay starts it freezez for 1-3 seconds every 5-10 seconds, when i enter online singles match i only get 2 or 3 bars but the gameplay is better. it doesnt freeze as much but is more "choppy" and it feels more like it is a button delay problem. i have tested my connection and its the same as always with no problem earlier in the week or on other games without ea servers. I also tried every restart on my xbox and connection but my connection is still the same as before and terrible connection to ea servers! Will the servers be fixed today or can i kiss my fut champs play goodbye? earlier when you have had this problem you have talked about it and extended the gameplay one day but this time nothing. I have read several places that im not the only one with these issues so why dont you do something about it? 

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Re: Serious lag on online play

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It sounds like you may be having issues with your connection @kim_s_v17. I would suggest taking a look at our Connection troubleshooting steps which you can find here:


It'll take you a couple of minutes to do them all but please do take the time and do them all.


Let me know how you get on and if you want to share your UO Trace then I'm happy to take a look at how your data is being routed.



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