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Select Active Controller Menu (PC)

by DozerandDaisy

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Select Active Controller Menu (PC)

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I've seen this bug posted about before and I've contacted EA support multiple times, but I still haven't found a solution that works for me and their phone/chat support is basically hopeless. If I'm at the first menu of the game and a controller is plugged in, I'll repeatedly get prompts asking me to select between the controller and a keyboard/mouse setup, and the prompt comes up so quickly that I can't really navigate the menu without mashing the hell out of my A button, and only then is it sometimes possible. I'm using a licensed Xbox One controller that I bought specifically to play this game with (brand new), and it works perfectly fine with every other game. Moreover, it works perfectly fine in Madden '19 if I actually get lucky and button mash my way past the first menu. Here are some commonly-suggested things that I've tried that haven't worked:


-Plug in the controller after the game is launched 

-Launch the game through Steam Big Picture Mode

-Disable all other possible devices (though, I'm somewhat limited because I'm on a laptop)

-Repair the game

-Uninstall/Reinstall the game

-Restart my computer

-Search for drivers for all my devices

-Connect the controller with a wire

-Connect the controller wirelessly 


Nothing has worked, and I'm exhausted just trying to get this game to work with the one brand of controller that it allegedly supports. If it helps, I'm on an MSI laptop running Windows 10.


Has anyone who has experienced this issue found a solid solution other than the things I've already tried?

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