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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

by Evilstans

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Save items (loot) while playing

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Today I missed my loot 5 times because at the end of rhe mission I lost the connection to the server. Why is it not possible to save the loot everytime you pick it up? If you loose connection again (and again), then the loot can be calculated after login again (and again and again).

I just rage quit the game because of frustration, please be creative....

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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

Hey @quetzaquotl


I agree with you about having the Loot being registered and available in the Forge if you happen to get disconnected at the end of a Mission/Stronghold/Contract.


However, have you tried any of these Connection steps to see if it improves the disconnection issue?


Let us know if this helps.


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

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Why tell people to do this?


It never works and it's a server issue

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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

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I almost always get all the loot I've picked up. If it isn't showing in your forge or vault, have you tried going into freeplay and immediately leaving? That should process any loot you received previously. It almost always works for me.
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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

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Same here, twice today had issues where the game denied loot.  One was a crash to origin after a heart of rage run.  Second was a crash to main screen after a free play exit.  Both had several masterworks and a legendary in Free play....super frustrating I have a total of 5 pieces of legendary gear and to have one slip through my grasp due to a likely server fault is crazy....I'm almost done with this game.  The purpose of a video game is to have fun, not pay to win or instill frustration and anger.  The game mechanics of Anthem are beyond reproach, but so many aspects of it make it until fun.

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Re: Save items (loot) while playing

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It always seems to happen, to me as well, but I only get the same 5 masterworks over and over again, it's not like the loot even matters

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