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Re: Sabine zeta

by Valariel198

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Sabine zeta

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Sabine zeta AI:
Darksaber strike is prioritized by AI instead of a zeta’d demolish. This shouldn’t be the case, if a character’s zeta is on a special ability, they should use it whenever possible. Feels like a wasted zeta.
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Re: Sabine zeta

★ Guide
Yep you would think the zeta ability would be the priority on defense. Would make this character much more viable.
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Re: Sabine zeta

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This is particularly frustrating when chopper reduces her cooldowns and she uses darksaber strike two times in a row. Really throws off the pace of the battle.
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Re: Sabine zeta

★★★★ Novice
I agree this is horrendous. I had an auto fight where my zeta Sabine opened with darksaber (2 turn CD), then chopper attacked and reduced her CDs, so her next turn she use darksaber again. She didn't use her zeta until her THIRD turn! Demolish NEEDS to be used as top priority!
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