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SWTOR verification system

by xRa7en

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SWTOR verification system

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 this is weird - apparently according to support, the "community" can help me with their technical side of the operation and/or administration (short of making a phone call, which I can rarely do, since I work the hours they are available).


OK then - lets see what you guys can do.


Re: Password Reset

Re: Email Change


Regardless of what change I make, I DO GET THE EMAIL for verification, however when clicking the PROVIDED link I get the following:


An error has occurred.

Your email address could not be validated.

Please check the URL and try again.


(or password depending on what I am changing the needs "verification")


The statement "Please check the URL and try again" is very problematic.


  1. since the link is not provided in ASCII/TEXT (readable) there is nothing to verify against
  2. If #1 is true, who would SERIOUSLY TYPE out the actual URL link. (, for you wannabe hackers,this is for reference only,  i altered all of the garbled text even further, just encase it might work)
  3. If the "NEW" email (in this case) could not be validated, how did it make it to my NEW email address and then when clicked BACK to the SWTOR account page?

Just for grins, I did use several different browsers to test, they all failed - as expected.


If the question seems a little cynical - it is.

Almost all of my gaming account, banking and even my online investing accounts have some type of customer email support (albeit withnin 72hrs, or phone call - 24hrs for immediate response). of contacting support on TECHNICAL and ADMINISTRATIVE. With SWTOR they hand it off to the community. I do not mind emails on issues like this, as they are not serious, and I can wait for a response, but waiting for a community member is even more nerve racking, as it will drum up "guesses"


So community - can you answer/fix this URL error? I do hope that SWTOR gives whoever successfully resolves this some free game time at minimum, as you are doing THEIR job that they pawned off to you.


Please do not C/P the customer support number page, or any part of the support pages, unless it deals specifically with the above issue. I have scoured those DMV cloned pages. This is a technical problem with the site and its functionality of its validation system. Not a user issue.


A Special thank you to a community member that can ACTUALLY solve a SWTOR website technical SMTP issue. :-)
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Re: SWTOR verification system



The reason you where told here may be able to assist short of making a phone call is that official Swtor CS are available to respond here in this forum.

If you do prefer to talk to someone on the phone the numbers are at this link


Are you trying to validate your email or change your password ?  


Whilst you wait for an official response (if its needed), Historically I can say that email validation usually fails when an email address has been used previously for another EA/Origin account.

Your Swtor account will already tie to an EA/origin account but may also not be the one you are using currently.


You can also change the email address on that EA / Origin account , it should if it is the correct linked account , flag that this is also changing the swtor email address.

The same applies for the password used on that EA/Origin account, it can also override any password change used on that swtor account. 

Best recommendation is use an email address that has Never been used for any EA/Origin/Swtor account.

If your lucky enough to be using gmail just change to instead of they both turn up at the same inbox but are seen as different emails.  



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Re: SWTOR verification system

EA Live QV Team

@xRa7en In addition to what @proxos666 suggested, I can clarify what the invalid URL error is.


Basically when you input your email address and the system sends you a validation link, sometimes there's a delay in that link being "activated" in the system, so when you click on it as soon as it arrives, the system hasn't had time to catch up, and you get the error.


So to start off I'd recommend just deleting any previous validation emails/links you've received in the past from SWTOR.

Then put in the email address you want to change to (making sure it's not in use on a SWTOR or EA account) and wait for the email.

When you receive the validation email, wait about 10 minutes before clicking on the "click here to verify" button/link. Hopefully that'll give it enough time to activate the authentication link.

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