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SWTOR Security Key

by MavricKIX

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Re: SWTOR Security Key

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I leave the security field blank but I cannot get the "lost security key" page to request a one time password, on any device / OS / browser I have tried. The password should be correct since it works for my linked Origin, display name is correct (I requested a reminder email to double check).

Is there ANY way to get help without calling them? I don't care if it is slow response time or whatever... I just don't see why I should have to call like it's the nineties. ANY wway at all? I would love to see my old characters again.
Is text based / online support offered to paying customers? If I had a second account subscribed and made a ticket, could that help me get my real account back?
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Re: SWTOR Security Key



Having a 2nd account will not help 


if the auto removal isn't working for what ever reason, the only way to remove the security key is by telephone/voip to swtor support.


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Re: SWTOR Security Key

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5 years of people hitting the same brick wall and people trying to help by posting the same things that don't work.

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