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by Lyne_Astray

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SWHoG : Can't link account back

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My iPad is too old and then app won't update, so I can't launch the app and recover my account. Sadly back then I didn't have a Facebook account so I have nothing connected to it ( or maybe game center but this ipad is the only Apple Device I have )

Any help ?

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Re: SWHoG : Can't link account back

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Hi @Lyne_Astray


When your game isn’t linked to an account, you’re playing your game anonymously. Without linking to an account, you don’t have a way to backup your game saves anywhere other than to your device. All of your saves are local to your device. This has some drawbacks:

  • You can only play your game on the device you created it on.
  • You can lose your game progress due to factory resets, major OS updates, deleting/reinstalling the app, and other glitches.
  • Game progress loss is permanent. We cannot recover game data for anonymous accounts.

If there's a chance you have backed it up to your App Store account, the support team may be able to help. Contact them through EA Help with your Player ID and Ally Code so they can find your account and assist further from there. 


- EA_Lanna


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Re: SWHoG : Can't link account back

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Hi! Thank you for your answer, and yeah I think it might be linked to game center by any chance, but I don't know my old ID..

And since I can't launch the game, I can't find it.

I could have a way to find it by calling someone who friended me back then but idk if I'll be able to join him


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