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Re: SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

by EA_Barry

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SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

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This isn't the first game this has happened to me on, just curious if anyone knows what the deal is? Is it a device issue, software issue, maybe a virus or something? I have a galaxy s7. I have been playing swgoh for a couple months now and today after the update it isn't compatible. Same thing happened with clash of clans. Any info would be great.
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Re: SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

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I have the same issue currently with Fifa Mobile :/
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Re: SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

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Same issue for me. I am using the APK which works, otherwise I'd be unable to play.
Must be some issue with Play Store...
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Re: SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

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Re: SWGoH galaxy s7 not compatible?

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The following steps have been reported as working for this issue in the past:



  1. Make sure your Google Play Store app is up to date.  It should be version 8.3.73 or later.
  2. In Settings -> Display -> Screen Resolution, make sure you are running at FHD+ or WQHD+ resolution (not HD+ resolution).
  3. In Settings -> Apps -> Google Play Store -> Storage, tap Clear Data.  Only clearing the cache is not enough.
  4. Reboot the device before retrying the game.


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