SIMS MOBILE: Missing House and all items in it.

by menardmari

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SIMS MOBILE: Missing House and all items in it.

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I have a problem with my sims mobile game


I own 3 lots and 2 of which are still fine, while one which i recently build went missing, tge whole house and all the items i used in that lot. 


I build it using my phone, while on my way home, and upon Arrival at home around 2hrs after and used my ipad instead of my phone, the whole house is gone and all the items are missing.


I checked it on my phone and also the same, all items used in that lot are all missing. 


Its been 26hrs now since then. 

I talked to a lot of advisors with different opinions and solutions, but none worked out for me. 


I tried to do self fix methods suggested by advisors and support via Email, i even reinstalled the game, and still the items are still missing. 


What's make me more upset is that there are items there that i bought with real money, in app purchases and limited time event items that i boughr with real money. 


All i want for christmas is that my sims mobile items be back before christmas. 


The latest support advisor told me to post here at forums to get more help. 



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