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Running Origin on Windows 8

by wdtvandsound

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Running Origin on Windows 8

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Running Origin on Windows 8.

The exe won't happen.

I'm currently doing a fresh download of Origin

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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8 Fix 5-6-13 "An unknown error has occurred. Please restart Origin and try again."

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This will resovle the following Origin Error message "An unknown error has occurred. Please restart Origin and try again."


Here are the steps to fixing the error of not being able to sign into Origin when it flashes DOS for a quick second after (partial install).


The instructions I advised you to are as follows:

1. Ensure you are able to view hidden folders. Instructions found here, Windows 7:
Windows 8:

2. Delete the folder “C:\Users\(Your Personal Usernam)\AppData\Local\Origin” and “C:\Users\(Your Personal Usernam)\AppData\Roaming\Origin”.

3. Delete the folder "C:\ProgramData\Origin"

4. Restart Origin.


5. Now You Can Sign In

This will resovle the following Origin Error message "An unknown error has occurred. Please restart Origin and try again."



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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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email EA support and they advised that origin is not Windows 8 compatible. They "EA" don't have a date for an update. They keep sending me discount offers but I told them that I can not buy anything from origin because it does not work in windows 8. I can not connet to the store. I need the client working to purchase games. there is no other way if you want to play multiplayer.

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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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I was advised to re-install Windows 7 by Ea/Origin help.

What a joke and contempt for EA/origin customers

Do EA/Origin really believe its customers are idiots?

They must have been aware that Windows 8 was imminent and should have a fix/patch ready for launch date surely!!!

There is NOTHING on the website to state EA/Origin games are NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 8 but it didn't stop them from taking my money and allowing me to download a game.

They also lied about Origin being a FAST way to download games 3 hours for me but some friends have had 75 HOUR downloads?????

I have requested a re-fund on the grounds that they did not clearly supply relevant information (i.e. game wont run on Windows 8) and Product (Game/Origin) is not fit for purpose. I`m not gonna hold my breath tho


I wont buy another EA/Origin game

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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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I have been having a HELL of a time trying to use Origin with Windows 8. I have chatted with 2 advisors and it's a nitghtmare. I can't open Origin with out it crashing saying a serious error has occured. They had to know Windows 8 was coming months before it released. Where IS THE PATCH. I can't play any games. I get kicked if I try to play BF3 by manually going in the browser. This is seriously jacked up and EA needs to fix this NOW. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing happens same old crash over and over. "A serious error has occured and origin needs to close".

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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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It's the same for me too. I downloaded Origin, installation worked fine, but once I tried to launch it, nothing happens. I notice that when I went to my Task Manager, it shows that Origin (32 bit) was running. A lot of other people said that it's because my Windows 8 runs 64 bit, but last time I check, a 64 bit OS runs 64 and 32 bit, while a 32 bit runs 32 and 16 bit...


EA..Please do something... I got a new laptop that already has Windows 8... I don't want to pay $$$ for Windows 7 just to download Origin... I heard a lot of people are ok with launching Origin on their Window 8, but is there a reason why we can't? I would hate to give up on EA just because there is no patch for Windows 8. I spent a lot of money on EA games through Origin, and I'd hate to be another customer leaving such a great gaming community...

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Origin Won't Launch on Windows 8

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So I bought a new laptop that has Windows 8 already installed to it. I downloaded everything that I needed: itunes, Steam, LoL, Dota, etc. The only thing I needed left is Origin. So I downloaded it, installed it, launch it, but nothing happens. I have a 1TB hard drive memory, including a 1TB external hard drive, so I doubt it that it's a space problem. 


I launched Origin, nothing happens. I checked up on various forums on Windows 8 compatibility with Origin, and a lot of people are having the same issue. Some of Windows 8 users don't have any issues, however I couldn't find a coherent explanation or procedure to help fix the issue.  I have tried changing the compatibility of Origin through properties, and nothing happens. Troubleshooting wasn't a help either. I looked on my Task Manager and it shows that Origin (32 bit) was running. However There was nothing on my screen. I don't believe it is because Origin is a 32 bit, because my laptop is 64 bit, and it can run a 64 and 32 bit just fine. (I have open office 32 bit and others that are 32 bit)


I've heard from many users that EA advisors told them to get the Windows 7, however I don't think customers would want to pay more money just to downgrade their Windows 8, especially since some of their laptops are already pre-installed.. In addition, if it does come to that EA does make a patch for Windows 8 compatibility, then it was a waste of money just to pay for Windows 7. 


If anyone has the same problem and found a solution, your help would be greatly appreciated.


EA, if you guys are planning to make a patch for Windows 8, please let us know. Because many of us are hoping for the programmers to do something about this.


*NOTE: I understand that there are many users who don't like Windows 8 because of their own preference, however I do like Windows 8 and I would love to keep it for as long as I can. I am like many users who hope that one day EA would create a patch or a new download that would be compatible to Windows 8. Until then, I'll wait patiently.

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Origin Won't Launch on Windows 8: Solved for me

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Originally when I installed Origin and tried to launch it, there was a black box that woudl disappear after 1 second. I looked around for solution, and I found one that worked for me.


Please give props to the user, because he saved my life.

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Re: Origin Won't Launch on Windows 8

EA Origin Team

This is Michael Lewis from the Origin team. I'm really sorry to hear that you're having issues with Origin on Win 8. We've been testing Origin with Win 8 for a while and Origin should be compatible with the new OS. I'm actually running on Win 8 now. Members of our live operations team will be following up shortly to get more information about the issues you're experiencing.


My apologies again,



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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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i have just purchased a all in one computer with windows 8 already installed, i was really looking forward to playing my new games a purchased on origin from my old laptop, but i cannot download origin, it keeps coming up that it is not up to date and to reinstall, but it keeps saying the same thing each time i try to install this.




any help would be very much appreachiated

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Re: Running Origin on Windows 8

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Same problem as everyone else steam works like a pro on Windows 8
It's just origin that is a problem.
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