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Re: Roommate Quest Keeps Resetting

by BH3838

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Roommate Quest Keeps Resetting

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I have played the Sims Mobile game and have been working on the Roommate Quest. The quest has reset twice on me now. I don't understand why it has done this. The first time I think it was because I changed my one Sim's career but the second time I didn't change anything! 
This is sooo upsetting! I have spent $20 on this stupid game and I was on the very last task when it reset again. Specifically, I had completed the last task and instead of the third slot for the roommate opening up, the quest reset and it says I have to wait 6 days before I can start it again. At the very least I should be given the 3rd rommate for free or be given my money back.
Please help me or give me a refund. I am very unhappy with your product right now.
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Re: Roommate Quest Keeps Resetting

This sounds like a bug. Could you open a new post in the bug forum for this?

You can find the bug forum over here:


The bug forum has a small list with questions that might just help to solve the problem! 


do not work for EA



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Re: Roommate Quest Keeps Resetting

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No problem, will repost.

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