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Report of various bugs and problems i had during Trial

by BellyDaMelly

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Report of various bugs and problems i had during Trial

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Product: Mass Effect Andromeda
What edition do you have? Deluxe Edition
Physical Disc or Digital version? Digital Based Install
Summarize your bug Report of various bugs
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
How long has this issue been happening? I don't know
Please select your region Europe
Run the network benchmark and post your upload and download speeds. 14ms, 505mb upload, 270mb download
What company provides your internet service? Digi also referred to as RCS&RDS
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Details in post
What is the AMD or Nvidia Model Number of your graphics card? gtx970
Please enter memory size in GB. 8gb ram, gpu memory 4gb

Hello, just ended my 10 hours trial with origin access and i just want to report the bugs i encountered, in the order i encountered.

1. With my dxdiag info under this you should know my PC specs, regardless of that i have set all game details to Ultra settings, this went without any problems untill halfway through the first mission on the planet you crash on.

I know this is mostly irrelevant since i specifically set higher details then recommended but, the game ran out of GPU memory and crashed to desktop, with two error messages one alerting im running out of memory ant to close ME:A and one telling me the application crashed due to memory shortage. My main point with this is asking/suggesting if its possible to make the game not crash to desktop(CTD) under these conditions.

As such this has happened at:

Kett outpost where lots of lightning strikes happen at the entrace

After long sessions in the same place ie Nexus or Hyperion then transitioning into a cinematic, with the game crashing during what i assume the most demanding part of the cinematic, best example i remember during your meet with Vetra after she presuades a NPC and the camera looks towards the Tempest as she returns from her conversation, a moment where the light effects seem to be intense in combination with all the background details+tempest model being loaded.

Also happened one time during combat as i mistakenly press H which opens the main menu and theres the blue explosion effect when the transition happens


This did not persist after turning down the following settings from ultra to high : Texture,Shadows,Light. all the rest remained on ultra except Shaders which High is the maximum value.

However, on Eos when i was at the bottom forward station/safe zone/fast travel point and attempted to fast travel to the top one just one time i got a CTD and have no more information about it than this, there was no error message or anything else.

2.The transition screen or loading screen of the elevator/car going through the tunnel on the Hyperion and Nexus has its bottom part flickering black/white i assume as an effect that show passing by many lights? But it looks extremely out of place and unnatural as the shadow flickers a lot.

3. After the only CTD i had on board the tempest due to insufficient gpu memory, when i resumed the game there seemed to have been a general problem with the light effects as everything was much brighter than intended and when light from the sun shined on my and Vetra's faces they looked almost completely white, however closing the game and resuming it again fixed this.

4.During my time on Eos exactly after the CTD i had (mentioned in 1.) when i tried to fast travel, when i resumed the game the scanned G was broken as whenever i pressed G to open it up, the scanned would automatically and instantly close itself, i saved and loaded the game and this did not get fixed but closing the game and resuming from the save file fixed it.

5. Enemies behave very weirdly sometimes when they try to do a jump equivalent to the players jetpack resulting in said enemy to bug out and freeze in place, hover over the ground and/or falling down from that after they remained stationary for atleaast 1 second. I think this is also the reason why sometimes enemies very far away from me are completely unresponsive, frozen in place and not shooting for a rather long time. Also animal type enemies can be tricked/bugged by climbing various places they cant seem to jump on and kill them with 0 effort, they also seem to end up spamming their long range attack while standing still in one place, the long range projectile shot is very easily dodged and provides 0 challenge

6. Suvi's hair on board the Tempest during your chat with her after the Tempest is launched for the first time seem t o have a few weird shadows on it ( shadow setting on high ) 

7. Maybe not a bug but something to consider, conversations are interrupted if you prompt one and decide to roam around while the chat is playing and you unknowingly stumble on another place that starts a new chat.



And thats it i cant remember any other problem encountered so far, while it would be nice to have some of this fixed the game is still amazing.

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Re: Report of various bugs and problems i had during Trial

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Have almost the exact crashes at those situations in game !!


DX error ("Make sure your video card has more than 512MB") Win 7 64. All updated. I thought was my old video card 770 with 2 GB but seems is not the case here. First time I saw that problem here Frown Tried changing the virtual memory but still no go Frown All tried. I check with MSI app the VRAM used was 1800 during crash -Low Settings (my last resort)- (I have 2048). Page file 10 GB and RAM 8 GB. Still some room in all memories here still crash. I think my problem here is not the mem here. Will wait for an official fix or new drivers.


Error Screen capture :


thanks for open the thread!


Update: Maybe GOOD news for us.

Was playing with the 770 2GB driver settings (378.78) + game settings and I was able to run without the DX hang for more than an hour! (triple checked in the hot hang spots, ex: big lightning at first mission)

Details: Game Settings: Textures : LOW (still looks great at 1920x1080) All the others in HIGH. VSync inside game OFF!

378.78 Driver settings: Please check these two pics

There you can see VSYNC ON. That trick save me a lot of times in very OLD simulating games. Maybe here fix the crashing too!

ps: Specs: i7 4770@3.9 + 16 GB Ram@2400 + 770 2GB (no overclock) + game in HDD + swap file/win 7 in SDD. Good luck there!!

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Re: Report of various bugs and problems i had during Trial

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Hi, for this problem i really think there is no other way to solve than to get a new graphics card with more than 4gb video ram.

When i got this error while running on ultra settings it told me how much video ram was being used out of how much i have (in kb aka long number) but i believe i was being short on it by a very low amount, like 300mb more needed, atleast to meet that 512mb free(at all times?) requirement.


Just a bit of a let down  that the gtx970 cant handle all ultra settings without making the game crash, sure the FPS wont be stuck on 60 but im okay-ish with that, its just that i dont think the devs can fix this in any way since its a problem with your/my pc haha

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