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Repeated disconnecting


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Repeated disconnecting

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I have been disconnected from EA serves multiple times. It’s absolutely horrible, my internet is sound, but I continue to be booted. I was 12-4 on vs, now 12-11. Every game I have been disconnected I have been winning. What is going on with these issues. The screens continual jumping all over the place. 

I have rebooted, reconnected, re did firmware and the only thing not changed it EA. I know what you guys will say, it’s blah blah. Correct, it is, I played the rush and no issues. Clearly, something is wrong with the vs game. I have played other people and they suddenly lose connection 

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Re: Repeated disconnecting

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I'll try to help with this. Are you on a wired or wireless connection?

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Ea server disconnection randomly next gen

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I’m glad to see EA has worked on a fix for the unexpected error loading into Club games.


BUT, it only seems like they did it because Nasher tweeted out he was getting it 2 days ago.

then all of a sudden ea believes the issue is real .

while we’ve all been complaining for weeks ...


im glad that is hopefully resolved but I have another issue to bring to attention.


RANDOM ea server disconnects for next gen.

All of the past years I never disconnect from ea servers 

Now, randomly whether I’m in game or sitting in the menu I randomly disconnect from the server .

is there any fix for this?

I’ve power cycled my router and forwarded ports and changed my dns settings. But I’m still getting ea disconnect randomly .

anybody else experience this issue ?

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Re: Ea server disconnection randomly next gen

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Hi there, @Crispy-_-Shotz 


Is this just happening for you or is it still occurring for your teammates as well? Are you on a wired or wireless connection? Thanks!

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