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Re: Referral Link doesn't work

by ExiledRival

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Referral Link doesn't work

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Hi, last time i used Referral link In February. Then i subscribe the game, but i forgot when the subscribtion ended. Now, i have like 2 weeks free, and without subscribtion some things are blocked. Useless is for me to buy for two months, i just wanted play this week. But when i click referral link, that say, it's already exist. So, i want to ask support, can't you do something about that?


thx for great game



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Re: Referral Link doesn't work

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Hey there! I'm not sure if I'm understanding your question correctly, but I will attempt to answer it: 

It sounds like the last time you've used a referral link was in February, but you have been subbed since then and have forgot when it ended. You can only use a referral link after having been unsubbed for 90 days, so my guess is that since you used it, subbed, and your subscription ran out, it hasn't been 90 days since you've last been unsubbed; hence it not working. This is my understanding of the situation, but you are always free to check out the Refer a Friend article for more information on the Refer a Friend program. Hope this answers your question!

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