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Re: Red Eclipse - Queue Issues

by DBWoodynz

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Red Eclipse - Queue Issues

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Red Eclipse is currently showing a 30 minute queue for a 'Standard' server - is something wrong here ?


I am a subscriber and my queue position has been going up - went from 138th in queue to 144th in a few seconds, seems odd !

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Re: Red Eclipse - Queue Issues

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No system alerts....


That said with your game doing what it is currently doing you can run a few tests...


OK with your game open and running please alt tab back to your desktop.


Please click Start and in the search line down the bottom type cmd.

(you will see cmd.exe show up before you hit ENTER).


Right Click the Application and select "Run as Admin"

now please type


netstat -n -p tcp -b (Hit Enter)
Look for the 2 connections to do with Swtor.
I would expect 1 to be European server
Now type 
tracert (insert other ip address)
This will give you a routing path to the login server, as it would appear this is getting hammered today for you, which should be visible using this next.
Now type
pathping -n (insert other ip address)
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Re: Red Eclipse - Queue Issues

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There was a tweet about it a few minutes ago, whats up is unknown atm


We are putting The Red Eclipse server into maintenance after encountering issues today. Stay tuned for updates. We appreciate your patience! 

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Re: Red Eclipse - Queue Issues


There you go makes life easier

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Re: Red Eclipse - Queue Issues

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Server is back up, currently logging in myself


Today's issues with the Red Eclipse server have been resolved. Thank you for your understanding as we conducted a brief hyperspace jump.

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