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Rebinding keys will cause game to freeze a LOT.

by Artifex28

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Rebinding keys will cause game to freeze a LOT.

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SUMMARY: Keybinding changes (at least Z as dodge, RFDG as movement and S, H, B, V as skills) freeze the game constantly. Issue seems to be triggered with Z combined with D and F pressed while casting skills. This issue is present at all times and 100% avoidable by not binding keyboard controls. Mouse keys can be rebinded without any freezes.


BUG/ISSUE: Rebinding to these keys freeze the game when you press them together in certain combinations when in javelin.


REPRODUCTION: Bind those and try yourself.


TECHNICAL INFORMATION: Win 7/64bit Ultimate, 3770K + RTX 2080 + game on SSD + 32GB RAM


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This issue has existed since 15th, but not in VIP demo. I have had 50+ freezes before I found out the issue through Anthem forums.


Zero freezes when playing with (terrible) default keys.

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