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Re: Battlefield one crashing xbox one

by Kenno2033

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Re: Battlefield one crashing xbox one

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For me the game starts , firestorm loads , game starts then gets to around 32 players left , crashes and returns to the waiting screen ? 

What an absolute pile of rubbish this is , yesterday whilst waiting in a lobby a hole appeared in the hanger floor and I free fell in to the game before it had even started ? 

Funny thing is after I ran around for 10 minutes collecting stuff , the game started , I parachuted to the place I was and lo and behold ,,,,, everything I had collected was in a nice pile 🤔 

Its like paying for a joke 

There's lots of complaints everywhere and be patient is the only answer 

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Re: Battlefield one crashing xbox one

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There were a lot of updates yesterday for both client and server that should now be live. Maybe you got caught in the middle. If you are on console or PC try a wired connection to see if the communication is any better resulting in less strange behavior.


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Re: Battlefield one crashing xbox one

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Did you notice any improvement since then or is it still taking a long time to get into firestorm? @Kenno2033 


And as what @XTRA-Larsiano  said, at just patch time it will take some time for people to download the patch to start playing. 




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