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Re: Raid Started?

by stephengoad

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Raid Started?

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Sitting here playing swgoh with my nephew, and all of a sudden I see raid started on my screen.  I didnt start it, and neither did he.  This happened twice now.  I remember a while back per the update you could set auto starts on raids I believe, I cant find that option anymore.  Now it seems if I abandon Ill lose all these raid points.  Is there anything you guys over there can do anything for me on this issue

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Re: Raid Started?

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Hello..... anybody home?

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Re: Raid Started?

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Hi @evanmeven, thanks for bumping this. You would have to un-tick the "auto-start" option in raid settings otherwise it will auto-start raids when you next have enough raid tickets. The raid settings button can be located in the raid summary tab beside the launch button. Pop me a @ tag if you have any issues finding this option. 


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Re: Raid Started?

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Ya bump me an answer where I can find that auto start option would ya mr community there....didnt read all my post there or what....someone needs another cup of coffee....

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Re: Raid Started?

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My guild has been having problems with auto launch since the last update it want let us turn it off so it keeps launching the same one we normally do 2 t4 ranker fir our lower lvl members then hranker but we have had to do like 5 t4 because it want let me know it us turn it off is there anything that can be done
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Re: Raid Started?

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The guild leader or any officer can set a raid to auto launch.  When you click on the raid, to the left of the launch button is the settings option.  In there you can have it set to auto launch at a specific time.  It may be set to auto launch, or someone clicked it by mistake. 

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Re: Raid Started?

@stephengoad Right now there's an issue where raid settings can't be adjusted while a raid is active. Unfortunately, if a guild has that raid set to auto-launch "immediately" upon having enough tickets, then the raid will automatically launch once you kill it, assuming that it took longer to kill the raid than it took to generate the tickets for it.

I don't know if Customer Support could adjust it for your guild, or if your guild can either kill the raid faster, or take a day or two with very low tickets so that you don't have enough tickets to launch. If you ever kill the raid without enough tickets, you should be able to go in and adjust the settings.
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Re: Raid Started?

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Got it stopped it's a bug in the update on there forum they said to abort and if not enough tickets it would let u change they claim theyll reimburse the tickets not heard anything back from them yet on that just wish they'd get these bugs fixed because they did another update this week and now nihulis annihilate doesn't do any damage whatsoever in raids
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