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Re: Raid Gear Drops

by taxingpear94

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Raid Gear Drops

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I saw a few people posting about this, and as a seasoned player I've learnt not to overreact when rng isn't going my way, but in the past few months there is a recurring theme in my drops across all raids that I'd like to get checked.

I'm not complaining about having too much of one piece of gear or another, since the ones that are required heavily (mk3 carbs, stun cuffs & guns etc) get used straight away and other stuff just piles on.

However, I haven't seen one "useful" piece of gear in a while, and this is considering there are 6-7 raids a week. And on top of that, I usually end up with the same 3-4 pieces of gear that I've been getting for the past few months. Can this be looked at please? My in game name is Ramiro.

Many thanks.


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Re: Raid Gear Drops

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They will probably need to know your player ID to go any farther, that is if they respond.
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Re: Raid Gear Drops

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Cheers for the heads up.


Ally Code: 764 - 193 - 228*


*Edited to replace Player ID with Ally Code for security purposes.

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Re: Raid Gear Drops

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best of luck!

@EA_MindTricks any suggestions?
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Re: Raid Gear Drops

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Guys, It's been 2 weeks since I posted this. I think there was 10 raids in that time period. Not one carbanti / stun gun / cuff. This is almost reaching 3 months now. Is this even statistically possible?? Can anyone in support simply look at raid gear drops on my account? This is getting ridiculous  


EDIT: Added a screen of my drops from HAAT today. Rank 1. This is the gear I always get across all raids. 

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