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RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

by RobertPaulsonn

Original Post

RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

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Product: Apex Legends
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number RTX 2080
Enter RAM memory size in GB 16
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? RobertPaulsonn
Please provide your squad mates' gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name if possible.
Are you using any software with an overlay? No
Which Legend were you playing (if applicable)?
Which Legends were your squad mates using (if applicable)?
Where did the issue occur? In a match
Which part of the map or menu were you in? If you don't remember the exact name, please describe the area or what you were trying to do in the menu. it happens everywhere
What were you doing when the issue occurred? E.g. respawning a squad mate at a beacon, using an ability, a squad mate left the game. the crash happens no matter what i am doing during a game
Did your squad mates also experience the issue? No
How many matches had you played in a row before the issue occurred? 0
When did this happen? ( hh:mm)
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
How severe is your issue? Major impacts to gameplay
What happens when the bug occurs? came crashes completely
What should be happening instead? that game should work properly
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? no idea

So i am at my whits end here...   i have spent over 5 hours,  probably more,  dealing with EA support sending me from person to person without solving anything.   i have a nvidia RTX 2080 and the game crashes every time i try to play it no matter what.   

I have tried literally every troubleshooting step they have available through support and can find here in the forums...  the last support person ended with "maybe take your PC to best buy and have them fix the game".... EA support telling me to go to best buy to fix apex legends??   

I am now unable to resume any of my cases or create a new one without it taking me to a dead page with no options,  screenshot attached.  i received an email saying i should setup a call back or whatever,   if i follow the link in the email it takes me to the same dead page as the attached screenshot. if i reply to the email it gets kicked back as undeliverable.


I cannot believe they treat their customers this way.   It seems like once they cannot help you they just start to give you the runaround and send you in endless loop circles.   Once i got to the point of being unable to contact anyone and the pages they send me to were dead i tried to put in another case saying that i am stuck in a loop and am unable to progress and have one to meial or no phone number to call,  i got an email with a LINK SENDING ME TO THE SAME PAGE I PUT IN THE CASE ABOUT!!!   Yes, they literally responded to a case about being sent to a dead end by sending me a link to the dead end i put the case in about!!!!   


please help me.

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Re: RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

Hey @RobertPaulsonn 

I see a lot of LiveKernelEvents that could indicate driver failures.
By looking at the Dxdiag file I noticed that your drivers are currently out-dated.
Let's make sure they are up to date by doing a clean driver install.

Clean Driver install 

Download DDU (Display driver uninstaller),

Run it and Have it remove all NVIDIA Software / Drivers.

If you previously Owned an AMD, have it remove those as well.

Download the Driver Package.

Install drivers using Custom.

Uncheck the services you do not use.

Check the Clean Install box.

When that is done, Download Geforce Experience to install the latest drivers.

When you installed your latest GPU drivers try Clean booting.

When you booted go to start, then settings update and security and make sure you have downloaded the latest windows updates.

Let me know if that has changed anything.

Need help? Mention me with @Zeelmaekers!
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Re: RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

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it does not change anything. you have to reroll back to a older driver update. They need to fix this crap , Im getting really tired of my game crashing because they cant fix a problem 

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Re: RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

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@RobertPaulsonn You play this game with 1500euro worth gpu .... get a serious game not a free one then ask for refund. Even if you make this game work it wont work as it should it just aint The Game.
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Re: RTX 2080 crashing Apex Legends and dead ends with support.

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At this point the only solution is to roll back your drivers to an older one.

version 436.51 is what i currently use and have not had any crashes with it.


A Respawn dev did finally acknowledge this issue in reddit here: that they are working with nvidia on the problem.

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