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R5Apex.exe missing

by CiLhink

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R5Apex.exe missing

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ever since the iron crown update, i have not been able to play Apex. i have tried uninstalling apex and origin many times, i have tried sfc /scannow, i have tried eveything i can find, with no results. i have then noticed when i redownloaded Apex the actual R5Apex.exe file is missing. no matter how many times i reinstall or repair the file is missing. Please help.

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Re: R5Apex.exe missing

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@CiLhink repair game right click it in origin then click repair
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Re: R5Apex.exe missing

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iive tried that about 14 times :/ also tried uninstalling and reinstalling apex, origins, ive tried going into anti cheat and repair, ive tried renaming the file to old and download apex, still allways the same error with R5Apex.exe missing.


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Re: R5Apex.exe missing

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I have the same problem. 


uninstalling via origin, repairing, rebooting. nothing works so far. the R5Apex.exe file is not there and the error appears.

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R5APEX.EXE missing

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I have been playing the game for a few months with no problem. The last time I had the game working was yesterday 21/8. Since then ( i believe there had been a windows update) the game will not launch. I get the error Invalid game executable: C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games\Apex\R5Apex.exe


I have tried repair through Origin
I have tried uninstalling through Origin and re installing

I tried repairing again


all leads to the same error.


In the folder there is no R5Apex.exe file but there is an r5apexdata.bin file if that matters.


the spec of my machine is low but has been fine up until now.


Processor Type: Intel Core i5 2nd Gen

• Processor Speed: 3.00GHz x 4

• Graphics Processing Type: 4GB GTX1650

• Graphics Card Connections : DVI - D x 1, HDMI x 1

• Memory: 8GB DDR3

Please help as I want carry on with Iron Challenge!!  Standard smile

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Re: R5APEX.EXE missing

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Same problem here. I also tried uninstalling it and repairing it. Everybody on websites and youtube tells me to do something with an R5Apex.exe file but I don't have it at all. I only have the r5apexdata.bin as well

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Re: R5APEX.EXE missing

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Well almost a week and no answers. Looks like that will be the last of my Apex Legends play shame.

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Re: R5Apex.exe missing

[ Edited ]
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@CiLhinkHmm I think i got that problem solved

check you virus & threat Proctection Settings
check if its said "Your Virus & Threat is managed"
if its said that go and try to fix it with this i had the link for it:
if it still fail go try to to find any kind of antivirus you had you delete the program and yea
Hope Its Works For you guys
And Yeah Update Your Game Then Its Good to go 


Good Luck 

That how i solved the problem

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Re: R5APEX.EXE missing

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Hi guys.


I had the same issue with a missing .exe file.

I snooped around and found that my antivirus had put the R5-files in quarantine.

Look into your antivirus!

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Re: R5APEX.EXE missing

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@Cuppo91 Its more easier to hsut delete the program and use the antivirus that windows gave u
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