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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

by Rlyeh6560

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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

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  • What mission were you on?




  • What step of that mission were you on?
  • What were you doing when the mission “broke”

Varies.  Usually going to the next objective, waiting for the game to register that an objective is complete, waiting for the next objective to be given, waiting for the game to register that I'm at the next objective, at the next objective waiting for whatever is suppose to be there to load/spawn.  It very much seems to be based around these objectives, for me anyway.


  • Did it break when people were joining or leaving the mission?

Yes, and no.  It seems to happen randomly no matter what.  People leaving or joining the instance do seem to make it more unstable, but i have rarely noticed that as being the trigger.  I notice missions breaking without any particular reason.  I have noticed that a few missions break right after I have loaded into them.  But I dont know if i triggered it by loading in, or if they were already on the way to breaking.



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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

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When people leave on the last boss the game assigns new players. Now the issue with the too long loading screens comes into play. Because those seem to take so long that the group finishes the boss before you get in. Happend to me several times.

So I got into the game (stronghold ftm but it can imho happen on every quest) and when it was finished loading I got the message that the quest was finished.

Now there are two scenarios.
1) (the old one) You get in and can just log out because apparently there is nothing to do, no marker, no enemy and fogwalls in front and behind you... Yippee... 3 loading screen times wasted and it happens not just occasionally when a game stays open.


2) Lately I mentioned when I get into a finished game and dont logout immediately a "server lost" message comes up, then "reconnecting to server" which doesnt make sense because the quest is finished so the server will never be found  again (except if it would be intelligent enough to search a new game which it doesnt). That way I got stuck in a game searching for a server and that message blocked everything forcing me to end the game via alt+f4.

Maybe something like that can happen in the middle of a run if for some reason all players get disconnected (or some d/c and the rest leave) but the game stays open because someone else got assigned to join already but until the loading screen goes away the game is empty and the progress gets bugged.

Players who join this game do not have the progress to advance to the next room but at the same time can not finish that room because the area was already empty when they joined.

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Quickplay grandmaster levels not working

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I can do quick play on all levels except grandmaster when i try to do them on grandmaster 1 2 or 3 it loads but game does not progress no indicator where to go and no AI's spawn people finally leave and more people enter in game still does not progress. This happens 100% of the time there are no error codes.  PS4 pro

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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

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Me breaking quickplay contracts 


Me breaking quickplay dungeions


Me breaking World Events 


I can get more if need be, I'm becoming quite proficient at breaking them.

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Re: Quickplay grandmaster levels not working

Hey @Alias_TaterSalad


Moved your Post to this Thread:


Hopefully the Team will have more information about this soon.


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

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Not Quickplay related but extremely annoying


Why do some strongholds give you the drops from the final boss automatically and some others dont?


When I run Tyrant Mine when I kill the giant spider all the drops get automatically added to my inventory without me having to go and get them but I was just running Heart of Rage, was killed just before the boss died, my team mates killed boss and he dropped a Legendary, but by the time I was able to revive the dungeon finished automatically and I missed the Legendary.


Either make all boses drops from strongholds be added to your inventory automatically or give us the ability to manually end strongholds by holding a button or something, this is extremely annoying and has happened to me several times, Legendaries are hard to come across already and missing the chance to get one due to this reason is very frustrating.

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Re: Quickplay issues - Information Request

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* What mission were you on? Unsure. The one with the Strider you have to put the battery back into.
* What step of that mission were you on? Recording victory
* What were you doing when the mission “broke”? Recording victory
* Did it break when people were joining or leaving the mission? End of mission/Mission Report.
Never recorded mission complete, but did give loot. No progress toward challenges.
* Has happened consistently on free-play. Mission does not seem to matter.
* 1.0.4 version, XB1
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