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Quest Progression Issue

by Elintone

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Quest Progression Issue

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I'm here to bring up what I think may be an issue in the quest progression. My game handle is Elintone and am currently lvl 71. I am a player from the Philippines and am playing the game using an Android device.

My issue is that I've been given a quest at around lvl 60+ that I have to complete 3 objectives that are tier VI ability, strength, and agility materials challenges. 

According to the questlog, I've already finished the tier VI ability materials challenge but I do not remember doing such a challenge since I have not even unlocked tier VI challenges as it says that I have to be lvl 84 to unlock tier VI.

Another issue is about the fact that there are no tier VI strength and agility challenges. 
I am concerned that this quest may become unresolved and that it will continue toto take up valuable space in available quests.

I hope that the devs can address this issue


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Re: Quest Progression Issue

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Also for some reason when I click the "go" button beside the mentioned objectives., The game is directed to the Events screen.

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Re: Quest Progression Issue

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Have u found the fix for this?
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