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Re: Purchase failed but still payed

by EA_Lanna

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Purchase failed but still payed

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Hello everybody,


Last night I tried to buy the bounty hunter pack in SWGOH. After payment was done, I got an message that the transaction failed and I did not receive the pack. To my surprise when I look to my bank account, the money is still payed. So I have lost my money but did not receive the content. The "restore purchase" option in game also does not work. This was about 9 hours ago. Google play also does not note the transaction in the order history.


What is the best thing to do now? Is there a way to get either my money back or still get the purchased content? And if so, where do I have to be? Im a bit lost here who to contact from here.


Thanks for the help in advance.

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Re: Purchase failed but still payed

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Hi @SaberjawTrooper


You've done the right thing by trying to restore purchases. As that hasn't worked here, the next step would be to get in touch with us as you're missing your content. Follow the steps in this thread to send in a help ticket to our support team; "How to contact support". Please be aware that the wait times for a response are longer than usual but once an advisor is free they will reach out to you via email. 






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Re: Purchase failed but still payed

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@EA_Lanna Hello , i have exactly same issue. But from inside the game “help” button doesn’t redirect to website.
Also me and my girlfriend were using mobile billing.
The funds deducted but we never received any packs, and inside store there’s no history. But we have sms proofs with transaction codes.
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