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Ps4 pro gameplays feels heavy and laggy.

by nesar535

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Ps4 pro gameplays feels heavy and laggy.

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Im having this issue with apex since the last update of 5th of november 2019.

My character feels like it has alot of weight on it. The movement feels so heavy. When you are running it feels like something is holding your character back, feels so slow. Turn and sliding is almost impossible. When you want to run or turn the game just cut out that action and put you back to walking. The gameplay is not smooth at all its very heavy.

I have reinstall the game, made changes to my router ports, try to play on different servers. But nothing is working. I have 250MBS internet. Other games runs smooth like cod,fortnite, borderlands.

I don't know what to do, i have put lots of money and time i to this games, i very like apex legends hope something can tell me how to fix this.


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