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Re: Progress lost

by daisyorgana

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Re: Progress lost

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I would like my levels restored if possible too. All my heroes were dropped to lvl 37 My account name is Vothen32


Sidious was 224

Vader was 157

Boba was 189

Bossk was 88

Kylo was 82

Iden was 76 

Dooku was 93

Maul was 151

Grievous - 112

BB9E - 50

Captain Phasma - 81 


Luke - 211 

Yoda - 246

Obi wan - 158

Anakin - 158

Leia - 89

Han - 78

Chewbacca - 84

Lando - 53

Finn - 33

Rey - 141

BB8 - 23





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Re: Progress lost

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Well, I just had contact with EA Support. They said I needed to download my online game save.


I now have all classes level 1, with every star card unlocked (heroes etc. included). But not upgraded.

I have all my guns back, but the challenges are still showing it isn't completed. And so the skins of farm boy Luke and Princess Leia etc are still missing. 


After that they said I needed to wait. So now my game account is weird.. Normally you can't have all star cards level 1... 

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Re: Progress lost

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Gamertag: FOREAL804

Platform: Xbox One


All of my hero ranks were dropped to 37 and all trooper ranks were dropped to 69. I can remember most of the previous levels though. 
Assault: 212

Heavy: 87

Officer: 201

Specialist: 187

Enforcer: 283

Aerial: 32

Infiltrator: 156


Vader: 325

Palpatine: 653

Anakin: 283

Luke: 612

Grevious: 605

Obi-Wan: 108

Han: 273

Leia: 207

Boba: 97

Bossk: 54

Kylo: 95

Maul: 83

Yoda: 54

Finn: 73

Rey: 43

Chewbacca: 74

Dooku: 87

BB:8: 52

BB:9: 43

Phasma: 22

Lando: 16

Armor: 45


Speeder, artillery, and all star fighters(including hero ships) are all the same. 


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Re: Progress lost

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Gamertag : peach349comical

Platform   : PlayStation 4

All my heroes were reset to 37, and my simple units to 69, but for some reason Han Solo and Grievous returned to normal .

Luke 400+/37

Han   680/680 ??

Leya  400+/37

Lando  max/37

Chewi 300+/37

Finn.   300/37

Ray.   400/37

Anakin  400/37

Kenoby. 300/37

Vader 400/37

Kylo 400/37

Boba. Max/37

Maul  400/37

Grivus  408/408 ?!?

Iden  309/37

Phasma  200/37

Bossk  400/37

Douku  400/37

Palpatin  900/37

Both droids  200+/37
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Re: Progress lost

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@daisyorgana That sucks fr, I lost all of my levels pretty much, but I still have all my skins. EA seriously needs to fix this issue... I hope you can at least get your skins back, maybe your levels too.
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Re: Progress lost

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@EA_Atic not fixed yet. I have played since weeks and the problem keeps
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Re: Progress lost

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@EA_Atic my tag is Skript_VDK, I don't remember my old levels, but i remember I had Obie and Annakin at 45-46 aprox and now they are 37, my troopers were all up of 100 and now they are 69 - 71 (cause I kept playing). I'm playing in PC, in Origin.
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Re: Progress lost

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Product: Star Wars Battlefront II
Platform: Microsoft Xbox One
What is your issue related to? In-game levels.
Summarize your bug: In a game of co op a few weeks ago now I realized my Heavy's level dropped from 330-something down to 69. The same was true for all my base classes, all of which were above 150 at least. All heroes above 37 were reduced to 37, most of which were between 50 and 80. For some reason only my Infiltrator levels were reduced to 21, but not my Enforcer or Aerial. Armour level also reduced in the same respect (Artillery and Speeder not high enough to be affected).
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? DeckerMc98
How often does the bug occur? Happened once, has a permanent effect.
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug? 11/04/2020
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) Unsure, midafternoon EST.
In what game mode did the bug occur? Co-Op.
What is your time zone? EST
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Check my collections to view current levels.
What happens when the bug occurs? Only the ranks were downgraded and it has only happened once.
What do you expect to see? My progress restored, accounting for progress I have made since the bug, and if not then compensation of some kind.
Please select your region: North America
AMD or Nvidia Model Number: N/A

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Re: Progress lost

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@GrandmasterCal I hope so too Frown
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Re: Progress lost

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I think that’s it for me, i mean 3 weeks? They obviously don’t care anymore or at least not enough, they don’t even give us a proper update on the situation so yeah. I mean they did say they are not supporting this game anymore, sad to see that years of progress/playtime doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I’m sure they trying their best with the people they have but you can’t deny a bug like this would of been fixed straight away when battlefront 2 was still getting supported. I’ll be deleting the game and cherish the fun times i had. I wish everyone the best and i hope for y’all’s sake i am wrong and it gets fixed.

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