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Re: Progress lost! Urgent!

by MYSTICQ_008

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Progress lost! Urgent!

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All the data content lost!!!! URGENT! I brought a new iPhone, and afterwards I cannot load my game on iPad to the iPhone it start all over again ! Then I went back to my iPad to continue playing, but everything was back to level 1 on my iPad as well!!!!! I top up so much money in the game and I connect to Facebook, even I connect to Facebook I cannot retrieve my old account!!!! Help! 

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Re: Progress lost! Urgent!

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@cutielydia I feel ya bro,the same happened to me a month problem got fixed today,after 44 days of constant mailing to the EA help via contact us option.They can roll the game back to an earlier state,,but that may take time.So,if you wanna fight it,you can.
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