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Poor matchmaking/Seasons glitch

by ehubbs0711

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Poor matchmaking/Seasons glitch

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I really don’t usually post to places like this, but I’m curious to see if anyone else is having the same frustrations with what used to be a fun game. 

First, I had been working my way up the ranks and earned a promo to div 6 awhile ago, but when I turned the system back on the game had me back at the beginning of season 7?? I’m 100% sure I was promoted to 6, so what happened??


Lastly, I know it’s going to get harder as you climb up, but I was destroying teams up until division 4. All in a sudden, it’s like trying to climb a mountain to win a damn game. This aside, got relegated to div 5 where I was previously demolishing people and it seems to be just as difficult as 4. Feel like putting the game away now as it’s not worth the frustration. 

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