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Poor game performance after patch

by michoarse

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Poor game performance after patch

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I have noticed the performance of the game has been noticeably worse since the patch. In particular, passing, ball control and defending have become a lot more inaccurate, even with high rated players.

Passing has become much more inconsistent, with even light touches being way too powerful or being completely ineffective, going to no one in particular or the opposition.

Dribbling has been even worse than usual with players being unable to take a clean first touch, change directions, use skill moves or set up for passes or shots.

Defending has also become worse, I'll attach a video which highlights how ineffective it is.

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Re: Poor game performance after patch

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it's pointless man, EA need to change the engine Frosbite isn't for football

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Re: Poor game performance after patch

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Been onto ea about this

They say its internet issue yet my provider has changed all equipment.totally wasted there time.

Its the * fixed servers it runs on.

I would like to know how all fat cat youtubers play fut champions effortless with no issues.

The games are criminal that i play.even ones where you are 4 1 up and the guy bk into it.

I take they pay for better servers to ay on.

No more will i be buying thus *

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