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Phantom duplicate SIMS filling up my house

by MNBeret

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Phantom duplicate SIMS filling up my house

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I currently have three houses. I have 9 people in my first house, 5 in my second house, and 4 in my third house. I have two characters who I married to playable SIMS and then promoted. When they got married, they moved into a different household - and then I moved them back, with their spouses. In both cases, ever since then, I have had problems with these two SIMS being duplicated. In the neighborhood map, it looks like one of these SIMS (the currently active one) lives in all three houses. The other SIM I have already played and retired - I moved her to another house today - and the game is showing her in multiple houses too. 


The thing that is really interfering with my game play is that because of this weird glitch where the game thinks they live in more than one house, the game currenlty says I have 7 people living in my 2nd house, even though I only have 5 people there. I know I'm supposed to be able to have up to 8 non-playable SIMS in a house, but it's only letting me have up to 6 because of this glitch. It's interfering with my family planning at this point! I want my SIMS to have more kids!


I have tried moving both SIMS to a different house and back multiple times and it did not fix the problem. 


Oh, and if this sheds any light on the matter, when I look at the roster of people living in my house (on the neighborhood map), there blank placeholders - empty spaces, and I have to scroll down to get to the actual people. 


Here's another weird thing - look at the family picture for my second house - it's attached. The SIM on the far right is not living in this house anymore (she also shows up in the family picture of the house where I moved her) and teh two playable SIMS who do live in this house are overlayed on top of each other. Then there are the weird spaces. 


My player ID is 1006257117314. Is there something you can do to clean this up in your database?



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