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Payout change

by rayraydj79318

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Payout change

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I need help i tried to change my payout time but didn't go to the correct time its supposed to be a hour earlier 

Not sure how I can fix this

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Re: Payout change

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Community Manager

Hi @rayraydj79318


That's unfortunate. The support team may be able to revert it as a once off. Please get in touch with them to look into that possibility using the steps in this thread: How to contact support 


However if not, you should have two opportunities to make a timeslot change. Hopefully you still have the second one unused and can use that to select the payslot you'd like. 

If you'd like to read up on how payout time slot changes work for again, take a look at this thread: How to change your reward payout time.






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