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Pathfinder BUG

by iClutchPvP

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Pathfinder BUG

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On Xbox (not sure about ps4 or pc) Pathfinder is bugged. His hit box is messed up to the point shots don’t register that should clearly hit him. Also what I don’t see anyone talking about is Pathfinder has really quite footsteps now after the newest update. Seriously he’s like an assassin he can just walk up to you without being heard. I noticed the quite foot steps on pathfinder after the Octane jump pad bug was fixed but it may have come from the Event update idk.

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Re: Pathfinder BUG

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Hey, yeah pathfinders registry is messed up due to his hitbox, bullets simply fly through certain parts of him. I think his hitbox was amended due to the fact some of the legendary skins were making him much easier to hit. Kinda sucks when you land hits expecting damage and get nothing for your troubles though :/

As for his footsteps i still hear him clunking around perfectly fine so not sure whats going in for you there lol. x.x

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