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Patch 1.1.3 Framerate, Music +

by br8kDown

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Patch 1.1.3 Framerate, Music +

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I got 1.1.3 yesterday. I also started having different video rendering issues at that time. I wasn't sure it was the update causing my issues. For the 1st time I started consistently having issues though. The first things I noticed were some frame skipping. Then I was seeing some rubber-banding type behaviors. I checked my connection was normal. I double checked my monitor frequency and other settings were ok. I checked to see if the video settings had gotten reset (as often happens after patches on some games). Ok so bottom line is I didn't immediately think "oh it's gotta be the patch".


Anyway that was yesterday. I thought it may be nothing. Today though I'm just seeing the frame skipping and its very distracting. Then I noted my frame rate had taken a 50% hit. I keep my settings near the max on most things. Some things I don't like having on high like lighting effects etc. I dropped from max frames for my monitor (144) to around 70-80 fps.


Today I couldn't take it anymore after a few games I dropped from HD down to 720 and reduced arthroscopic from 16 to 8 just for a test and now I'm back to max frames again but... I can't help but think something you did in this patch really added too much load to the game. 


I don't run the absolute best equipment but it should suffice. I'm not paying 1-2k for a graphics card, that's silly. Besides it worked like a charm right up until yesterday on this game.


Secondarily I've read many things about problems with sound and this patch was heavily about fixing sound issues. I will mention the 1st time I started this game a few months ago that the sound had terrible distortions and break ups. I'd seen this problem in the past so I jumped into my headset properties and raised the quality of sound settings and it immediately resolved all those issues from then on.


I'm not sure what's up with the fps hit I'm taking but perhaps you haven't implemented your dmg tracking or your anti-cheat updates properly here. I'd love to be able to play at the proper HD settings and get the performance results I've enjoyed up until now though. I'll keep checking into things on my end but I'm pretty sure it's your patch not my hardware/software at this point.





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