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Party not ready...?

by hexsigns

Original Post

Have to restart after every game/Apex legends

★★ Newbie

After i finish a match and try to ready up, it says party not ready and i eventually have to restart to fix.


Any suggestions or fix?

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Re: Party not ready...?

★ Apprentice

Exit to menu with options then touch pad so you don't have to close to start next game still annoying though. 

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Party not ready i am not in a party?

★★ Novice

Matchmaking is saying party not ready off and on over and over and locking me out of matchmaking.

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Re: Party not ready i am not in a party?

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Just started happening to me as well in the evening. I also notice that during matches I'll get a pop up along the lines of 'party leader has left' despite not being in a party and neither squad mate leaving/disconnecting. In one game this message popped up 3-4 times. None of the contacts on my friends list were online to my knowledge at the time.
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"Party not ready" cant launch even tho im solo

★★★★★ Novice

Cant launch game because it says Party not ready, also getting constant notifications Party Leader Quit even tho im not in a party and havent been.

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Party not ready when solo...

★ Novice

What the hell is this, wasn't happening at all 2 days ago, can't requeue unless I wait an inordinate amount of time...why?

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Apex legends PS4 "party not ready" bug

★★ Newbie

Hello there! I've been having troubles since i installed the game tuesday on my ps4. Every time i open the game (open aplication) it works perfectly, but only on the first map i play. When i try to play it a second time, by pressing the triangle buttom, i get a "party not ready" message. If i do not close the game and restart it (close aplication and open again) it just won't start the match making. I am unsure if it is a problem with the game or my console. None of my collegues are having this issue. By the way, this happens when i try to play by myself. I would understand more if i were trying to start a match with friends and this issue happened, making my party not ready. But since this happens when i play by myself, i don't know why the "party is not ready" is showing!


Thank you. And congratulations on the great game! Its the best BR game out there for sure!'


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Re: Apex legends PS4 "party not ready" bug

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I am having this problem as well.

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Can't que after squad leaves lobby

★★★★ Novice

Joined a friends lobby, they bailed and it kept telling me "Team not ready" when hitting the ready button. Had to exit and re-enter to fix. 

Thank you

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PS4 - Stuck on "Party is not Ready" when matchmaking

★★ Novice

After my first game, I can no longer go to another match. The status of matchmaking is just stuck at party is not ready. I need to close the app and relaunch it to play again. Any fixes yet? 

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