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Re: Packet loss/connectivity issues?

by Sp4ceB4lls

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Packet loss/connectivity issues?

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I ran UO Tracing and came back with no packet loss, I selected a server with around 67 ping and 0 packet less and still there is packet loss and other connectivity issues along side it (namely the ping sign and one with two diagonal parallel lines that I don't quite know). So what gives? My internet has been a little awful lately but it has its moment where it gets back to being on par with how it was before all of these connectivity issues occurred with only Apex. Any help to solve this problem would be great. Sorry if I respond late and thank you if I personally forget to do so!

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Re: Packet loss/connectivity issues?

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Dude I'm playing on London data center it shows 25 ping 0 packet loss, i have 500 mb/s internet connection from my isp (tested at any time of the day), but this game works for me like I am on dialup connection ... only answer you gonna get on this forum is to have a look at connection troubleshooting on ea website... 

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