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I had DS4Windows open the first time I ran the game because I typically use it, so I’ve tried with and without it at this point. Still nothing, but thanks for the advice Devil

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@EA_David wrote:
@temfromundertalHi, you may want to try DS4Windows, check here for more info:

@EA_David no, unfortunately DS4Windows is not a solution right now, the community has only solved the problem with the dualsense PS5 controller, the other controllers do not work at all.

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@Betty8067 wrote:

Still an issue on DualSense controller, tried by cable and wireless - not working

tried to add the game to steam and the EA app - nope

tested with DS4 controller - nope

tried with both steam and DS4 app - nope



Any solutions EA? at least we should expect a fix or we will be stuck playing on keyboard?




Please, try the solution that I posted a few days ago:


- Instead of adding the Need For Speed ​​app to Steam, add the full EA app to Steam.

- Connect the PS5 controller by cable.

- Go to the controller settings in Steam and enable only PlayStation controller support, also, on the right, click on settings and then on send.

- From Steam, launch the EA app.

- When the EA application is open, launch the game from the EA application.


This is the only solution currently to be able to play with a PS5 controller, everything works perfectly this way, but it only works with the PS5 controller.

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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Any chance that it get fixed by tomorrow?

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@fjusticia7 Missed few steps first time, but i manage to fix it now. Thanks!!

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@Betty8067 I know it can be a bit cumbersome, but it's the only solution we found to be able to enjoy this title in early access. Enjoy!!
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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@EA_David how can you not recreate this issue??? It's the thing that is plaguing all of us. I can't even use the keyboard to play. The controls are totally unresponsive and on top of that, the car doesn't even accelerate beyond the third gear. I can't understand how such a big studio can make this huge mistake?
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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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And what kind of solution is this? Why use Dualsence when you can still see only the Xbox layout of the buttons and haptics feedback, which the PS5 version has, but not on the PC version either. In addition, the vibrations are 80% weaker than with the Xbox Series controller.

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For those using DS4WIN, that utility is no longer maintained and being developed. There is a new program that picked up where DS4WIN left off, its paid but not too expensive, you can find it on steam called DSX, it uses the same 2 drivers as DS4WIN, but also adds in a LOT of Dualsense functionality, such as sending your audio feed from your system to the haptics module in the controller giving you feedback based on audio in game, on any game.

I confirmed this works 100% without issue in NFS Unbound:

- Install DSX
- Wire your controller for maximum features (havent tested bluetooth yet, but imagine it would function as standard controller, just losing haptic feedback and resistive triggers if you set them up)
- Launch
- Install at least the ViGEm Bus driver (ive had issues with HidHide in the past, you can leave it unchecked and click close after it does the driver check and sees ViGEm)
- Close Steam (yes you can have DSX running from the steam launcher and close steam while its running)
- Set the "Controller Emulation" to Xbox360 in DSX (in game glyphs will still be Xbox)
- Configure your lighting, haptics, etc to your liking

- Launch NFS, from EA directly, no need to launch from steam library or anything
- ???
- Profit

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Re: PS5 Controller support on PC

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@Dolac84 what are you talking about ds4windows keeps getting updates last was 7 days ago ;-)
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