Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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So i tested a little bit the solutions from other threads and found a way to play with PS4 Controller, it is working for me but its not guaranteed to work for you.


So first of all i did some changes in the controller settings in Steam, go into Steam -> Settings -> Controller -> "General Controller Settings".


In there you see some Options i enabled Playstation and Xbox Configuration support, then Steam forces you to restart.

After the restart when Steam is active and you have plugged in your PS4 controller it should light up and stay like that.


If these steps are done you need to add ea app as a non steam game. And run it.

Then select nfs unbound and test it. It worked for me Standard smile


If anything is unclear im happy to answer the question.


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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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Ok its working with new patch. Large smile



i tried all the steps... nothing is working.


The same issues like the other players.


This is ridiculous...


A lot of people bought the game and cant play it because of controller issues or stupid work arounds....


Every game i own works with the PS4 controller.... only the stupid EA App cant handle it....


Last EA game i bought....



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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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Playing on EA app with a DualShock 4 with DS4Windows this is the only thing that finally worked for me, running the EA Desktop app through Steam, thanks. Very awkward process though, took me hours to find a working solution so i can start playing the game.

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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friend how did you manage to do that? launch ea through steam?

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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Folks, yes... you can call me your savior.

finally after trying everything i got it, i got the game through ea play i got because of xbox game pass, and my ds4 was not working at all, here is the solution:

First you need to have ds4 windows installed and configured>
Then you will open steam (yes, even if your game is ea play steam will save you, trust me.) on steam you will go to "LIBRARY"> "+Add Game"> then you will search for the program: "App Recovery" (which is the EA PLAY application> after that you will return to the initial part of steam, in the upper left corner you will click on "Steam">"Settings">"Control">"General Settings"> then you must enable the option "Enable Playstation controller setting" and "Enable xbox controller setting">

After all that, just connect your controller as you always do, and NA STEAM open the "App Recovery" that will open ea play, then just start the game normally and your controller will work.
I know the tutorial was a bit blunt, but follow the step by step and it will work.
thank me later ;D

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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Didn’t work

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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@J4RENN I’m just slow, I had ds4 open lol. It works. You’re goated
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Re: PS4 controller not being recognized on NFS Unbound

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Will PS5 controller ever work with PC version?

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Re: PS4 Controller still doesnt work

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100% worked you are a savior, thank you

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