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PS4 Server issues

by Omgwthax

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PS4 Server issues

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I came back to Apex for season 2 and have been really enjoying the game. My friends have also came back and been enjoying it as well. 


That being said, we all are experiencing server lag, game freezes, loading 2/3 people into the game from our full lobby, and slideshow/ powerpoint-like FPS on the PS4.


I myself, being in SoCal, have the choice between Salt Lake City and Oregon for a realistic data center, and my ping is wildly inconsistent. I will get between 80-200 ping depending on what actions I'm performing in the game. Ex: Doors open and close on a single button press, loot doesn't pick up, inventory screen and death box screen will be delayed after opening, enemies will not move smoothly across the screen during engagements making the game unplayable as a shooter.


I've tested my internet before loading and while playing and am not having issues on my end. 


There are times when the game is smooth and ping is between 20-40 and manageable, but these times are outnumbered by the amount of times I or my friends are dealing with the issues mentioned above.


I enjoy the game, and hope to see improvements to these issues soon.

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Re: PS4 Server issues

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Update: After port forwarding my ps4 and game ports for Apex, I still have issues playing. 


Inconsistent connection problems


3 red symbols pop up on the top right corner of the HUD while playing, some go away and the speed dial will pop up frequently.


When the game is smooth I am sitting at about 30-40 ping, but there are times when I have decent ping around 40-60 and the game will appear like a slideshow and there are no fluid movements or actions. If I try to close the game and reopen it the ping skyrockets to 200-300 and even the lobby screen lags.


Any news on server maintenance or improvements?

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