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PS4 Ranger Jumping-Freeze delay.

by CaptUVentris

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PS4 Ranger Jumping-Freeze delay.

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Sometimes while playing my Ranger on my PS4 (original edition), my animations stutter.  The event occurs the most when I am jumping and have the freeze effect applied mid-air as well as when I land on a slippery surface (my javelin just slides off the rock - unwalkable terrain).  The issue is what happens after - my javelin will be locked in the hard falling animation - the animation is looped around the impact frames (javelin hard landing, attempting to recover, then back into hard landing).  I have tested and died may times to this - when the animation stutter happens, if I spam any buttons (as if frozen or webbed), the animation loop resets more quickly, and the animation loop is able to be sustained.  I will have to test some more to see if the loop will stop when the negative effect debuff ends.  I counted to 7 seconds for one animation loop spamming, and died soon after.

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Re: PS4 Ranger Jumping-Freeze delay.

★ Apprentice

Happens on PC too.  

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