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Re: PS4 Pro - Anthem application crashing console (complete detail)

by Saber17

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PS4 Pro - Anthem application crashing console (complete detail)

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- What is the exact error message? No message at the time of crash, after Startup SEN message for "system not shut down properly" is shown and storage is checked, then a Report Submittal screen for the incorrect shutdown.

- What is happening exactly?
When I close the Anthem application, the hardware shuts down.


I always use the "exit to main menu" option from the in-game Options tab. Once the main screen loads, I open the PSN Quick menu and select "Close Application". Without any error, the display goes black and I hear the hardware shutdown. Pairing with the controller has been disabled rending Start by pushing the PS button impossible. The first press of the On button on the hardware itself does not work. Second press does. When the display lights up again, the PSN "system not shut down properly" black screen is displayed, and the storage is checked. After that concludes, the PSN Reporting blue screen is shown, I press the PS button as prompted to begin submittal, and I send the report to SEN with minimal detail (due to character limit). I generally restart the hardware after a crash, and in these instances the system seems to run fine afterward. I have not seen any loss of data, as of yet. This is the only game with which I have ever experienced this type of crash.

- When exactly does the problem occur?
Upon application shutdown only, twice this has happened to me, and I haven't booted the game since the last time. Approximately 02/28/2019 and 03/01/2019. This software has crashed previously when an error has occurred, returning me to the main PS menu.

- Where exactly does the problem occur?
PS4 Pro [UCS: CUH-7115B B01X, Part # 3002355 (hardware box)/3002470 (Best Buy marketing packaging)] | From the PSN Quick menu, upon normal quitting of application.


I have seen many users' reports, and heard that refunds by Sony are being offered, but I would like to see a real solution to this terrible issue. Please respond to this quickly so that if I need to, I can get a refund. If this is fundamentally broken, I need to know sooner rather than later, and when it is fixed I am happy to spend the money again. No one should have to risk a $500 expenditure every time they push Start on what is supposed to be a AAA game.

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Re: PS4 Pro - Anthem application crashing console (complete detail)

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Sony denied me of a refund after telling them this happened to me 3 or 4 times. So yeah, that's not a real thing it seems.

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Re: PS4 Pro - Anthem application crashing console (complete detail)

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I have had the same issue, PS4 Pro. Bought in January 2019.

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