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(PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

by rbv3zina

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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The crashes happens 3/4 times randomly at least for me when ever i try to exit the garage or free roaming.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Decals don’t change anything, just lost 200k with of rep because of this BS I had a GTR with stock paint no decals


I’m done with this game until this is adressed, 


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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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I’m actually curious if you guys are doing the race downtown, there is a certain race that crashed me every time 

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Yup completely unplayable at the moment lost cars and progress and even have a weird fat character I never mad in my garage

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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So I literally spent a whole day whittling it down to customizations. If you customize your car to a certain point, races don’t like it - and even getting to a race will make the game crash.


So, to PREVENT this — do not use any body kit customizations past a certain number. 5-8 is a safe number. Skin/wraps/decals count as one customization.


If you experience a crash, you WILL have to do the following to “initialize” the vehicle in order to use it again:


1.) Remove all customizations — including wheel customization — from your car.

2.) Exit out to the main menu.

3.) Load the game and complete a race. In the beginning levels there’s one just straight ahead from where you exit the garage.

4.) When you get back to your garage, add on no more than 5 visual customizations.

5.) Play the nearest race to test. If it doesn’t crash, you may add another 3.. maybe even 4 —- at the max. Test again.


Add no more than 8 customizations. If your game crashes and you get the ever-irritating CE-34878-0 error, you WILL need to repeat the initialization steps above. Simply removing one or more customizations doesn’t fix the problem once you’ve experienced a crash.


Until EA/Ghost creates a fix for this.. we need to be counting how many visual upgrades are “safe” for each car.


Fortunately tuning/performance upgrades aren’t affected, as far as I can tell.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@Jukkies @WeaponChris

I want to give you some additional info in my case.

- I've been playing for several hours, and...
- Yes, the game is actually fine if you just driving around the city, completing events on day and night, and escape from police chase.
- Also... upgrade car performance, switch car, edit character, etc, at garage are totally fine, EXCEPT modify car body. At one time, I've been spent soo much time idling at garage, then just upgrade the car, and then go out to the city => no crash.
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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@theanimaster or.. maybe you can also do these:

- after you using body customization and decal editor on your cars...
- exit to main menu / lobby
- enter the game again by selecting PLAY ONLINE or PLAY SOLO

In my case, I don't have to remove all customizations on my cars Standard smile
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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@theanimaster This is exactly the issue. I spent the last 4 hours playing with no crash, drove the 93 skyline gtr with just wheels, the rx7 with a rocket bunny kit, and a 06/07 sti that was stock.

Spent maybe 10mins modifying the sti with wheels, wing and paint then went to race Dex and boom crash.
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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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So basically a front bumper, rear bumper,rear and front fender and lastly a livery is good? Can I add lights or wheels? Do you think Ea will ever fix these?

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@thenardo55 Thats a good workaround if the crashes won't happen anymore. I sure hope EA is gonna fix this in the next few days. I would have hoped for a reply from EA by now, since this issue seems to happen to everyone.

Some people may even bring the game back or sell it already, cause not everyone reads these forums and don't know what is causing this problem.

I know it's weekend. But if you release a game on friday, i surely hope people are around for these kind of problems or at least answering the forums.
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