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(PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

by rbv3zina

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@theanimaster  To be honest I was hoping that this will not work, but apparenetly... it worked Frown

Woke up, jumped in my competely stripped evo x and finished long night with heat level 5 and 350k farmed without any problems

But this is not solving the problem - driving around with stock lookin car is not something i bought NFS for.

But now when I know for sure that the problem hides in the game itself I will repeat - this needs to be patched asap

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Yeah that holds true with all of my crashes as well. 

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Community Manager

To those who have "fixed" this issue by removing items, can I check what car you were using and what wraps/customisations were removed? Any info you have will help, info on the particular wraps/range of wrps

To those who started seeing this issue after adding a car/customisation, again can I check what changes were made. 

Also, can I check if anyone can confirm they've taken the steps Cade mentions, and if they have been effective? Please don't assume they won't work, active confirmations or denials of the steps effectiveness are very important. @cleenut05 thanks for the confirmation

Thank you for the info shared so far. 

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Hey David, thanks for the reply. I did all of the things mentioned and as soon as I started playing my game crashed again ( I do seem to have it happen only in night mode ). Do you have any update on the issue as in you are working on a patch?

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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I can confirm Cade's steps did not work. I've had crashes both with and without customization's on the car also.


The only thing that has helped like I mentioned In a previous post was uninstalling the game, then re-installing offline and then applying the patch. I'm still getting crashes, but around 80% less.


In another post someone from EA acknowledged these issues are server related but I can't see the logic in that as even playing in solo / offline mode still suffers from crashes.

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Hi David I’ve uninstalled 4 times and re-downloaded from psn store and recovered data base, It did not help. I even initialise PS4 pro. And lost saved game data. 

here is a questions I’ve been asked from Ea help on Twitter;


When did you notice this issue started happening?

A) 9/11/19


What version of the game are you playing (Trial or Full game)?


A) Full Digital Version 1.02


Did you download the trial?

A) Full digital game download it from psn store on release date 8/11/19




I’ve been through hell with NFS Heat since Friday, the game crashing and glitching multiple times every 10-20mins on PS4 pro. This is the first time I’ve experienced this and it doesn’t happen with other games installed.

PS4 suggested me to reinstall. Friday I lost game saved data with grinding to level 13 Rep and started from zero, very disappointing. I’ve deleted app 3-4 times in hopes off fixing errors and glitches, looks like Ghost Games studio developed a fun game but launching un-optimised game. 


All of sudden, I get blue screen while racing on night or day,


these are the bugs/glitches/ black screen I’ve been experiencing on PS4 pro below;


• environments glitch/disappears


• black screen while driving in-game/ still can hear audio


• Leaving main garage gets stuck on loading screen and you have to close application


• Racing in night with 3 heat levels, all of sudden blue screen saying this game is corrupted, deleted and reinstall it.


• You will lose game saved data if you reinstall, you will need to manually save it or back it up on usb stick/ps plus.


• customising vehicles- body parts and tires not appearing and glitches, prevents user to load more items and forces to close app


• playing Solo still glitches and get blue screen


• Game crashes every 10-20mins


• Loading vehicle without custom livery on screen

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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Even day races makes the game crashes if you heavily modify a car...

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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So those who have digital copy can't do anything?

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

Community Manager

@Ninja-Knickers I don't believe this is server-related, for the reasons you state. It sounds like in your case something went wrong on the initial install end, and thank you for posting what helped. 

@TakumiFujiwara54 If you start removing some of those mods, do you notice if any in particular have an effect on stability? From your description it sounds like some car/mod combo may be a factor, so if we can narrow in on which one(s) that'll help immensely. 

@Solumious Sorry I don't have any timing/ETAs. You mention taking the steps, just to be clear have you tried the steps of removing customisations that the community have mentioned? There's even some steps earlier reporting that doing it twice can help. 

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Re: (PS4)Need for speed heat keeps crashing

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@EA_David No I haven’t. With all due respect, a racing game where you are limited to customization can’t really be called a racing game. I remember seeing adds from you guys about the customization and now we have to reduce that just to be able to play without crashes? There isn’t really an excuse for this to happen with a franchise that has been going on so long.
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