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PS4 Hard Shut Down

by StuntZero

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PS4 Hard Shut Down

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So, first off, this game should of been delayed another 6 months or so.


Anyway, I have been playing and hard crashed (to the point of my PS4 autoshutting down) around three or four times. Each time it does my system refuses to turn back on for around five minutes, has to scan the HDD to make sure it didn't break anything. This happens when you do a bad shut down. This game is working on breaking my PS4.


Went to Sony for a refund, they said no cause this wasn't an issue talked about by the devs (or something to that effect) and sent me to EA support. Talked with them for a while and still don't have my money back, so EA, Bioware, make this * known. I am NOT going to risk my $400 machine for a game that isn't play tested. This game is so bad right now, not even the gameplay, the loot, any of that. The game is so badly optimized it's trying to kill my damn system.

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