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PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

by EA_MattR

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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System: PS4 Pro
PSN: DrBrynzo

4 system crashes now. The last was a full shutdown. I had to unplug the system from power and plug it back in to get it to boot again. When it did, it went through the whole improper shutdown process and checked the disk. Thankfully it’s working and not bricked but I haven’t touched the game since and don’t plan on it unless there’s a fix or I can directly help with one.
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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★★★★ Novice

Day 1 ps4

PSN ID: Sidhavok

error CE-34878-0 both times

Loading from a mission back to the fort the first time and the second time I was in a free play session.

Gave me the error twice in a row. wasn't able to load into the game, so looked up the error code, reinstalled the latest PS4 update and rebuilt the database... so far no more error codes.

Yes submitted both times


edit 1: error updating pilot data (4445) 3-4-19 10:49 pm pst

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Connectivity worse than ever - ps4

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I thought it was getting better yestterday. Boy, was I wrong. Disconnected to start screen five times in the last hour. What a joke this game is.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Ps4 pro



Have had hard crash half a dozen times.  Its been at a different place each time i believe.


I have reported when prompted to.


Have to unplug ps4 pro, plug it back in, then press and hold power button.  It then does a full system and drive scan before it will restart.

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Had this problem 5 times usually when closing the application. I have reported my data when prompted I'm on a ps4 pro. Regretting to say if I have another crash I will be taking a break until this is resolved
My psn is vexxus_ko
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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Hi there. I've got this problem four times already and it kind makes me worry of bricking my console.


I run a PS4 standard and only got this problem with Anthem.


PSN ID: TheLastCoffee


Crash Info: The issue is the same in all scenarios, the game completaly shut off the PS4 and when it comes back, I got the message that it was turn off incorrectly  and have to rebuild some info and the external drive. (FYI Ahtem is installed in the main drive).

This happened once during a load and other three times as I tried to close the game (PS button > Options > Close application)  as I do with any other game with no problem.

For the console to turn on again I got to take off the AC, wait about 60s, plug it back and then it starts.


Every chance I have to report a crash I do so, but in this shut down cases no report is prompted, and this really looks serious. 


Waiting on a fix for this, cause I'm really enjoying Anthem but I feel for my PS4 safety. 




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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

★★★★ Newbie


PSN: BuzzFalcon


Multiple complete system crashes when loading into expeditions 

Once when walking around Ft. Tarvis 


I had to unplug and reboot the system, reported when prompted 


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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Playstation Console : PS4 Slim
PSN ID : Cyclops-71

Crash Info :
Hello and good morning from Indonesia.

It's been a week since the release day and sinfe the latest update (1.04 maybe?) every time when I finished playing and I try to close the Anthem Game (Close Application), it keeps forcing shutdown my PS4 Slim. And now I can't even turn on my PS4 Slim at all.

I usually tried to close the game from the Home Screen and it was working until 2 days ago. Now I can't even turn my PS4 Slim on at all.


And here is the last time when I could still turn my PS4 on, and thank you for your support.


Have you reported your crash data when prompted? Thumbs up

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Console: Regular PS4 

PSN ID: Meet_Wod

Crash info: Randomly crashed my console during free play, also has crashed when I close application. My PS4 takes a few minutes before it will turn back on and when it does it checks for corrupted data and takes a while to fully load up again. 

I have reported each time it has crashed. 

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Re: PS4 Crashing Info Gathering

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Crash info: was closing the application due to being stuck in a loading screen. Screen when black after I hit "close application" system then shut down completely and I had to hit the power button on the console for it to power back on. PSN error report was submitted.
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